The Politico is reporting that conservative columnist George Will makes a plea in his next column to President Obama and military commanders to pull troops out of Afghanistan. This coming on the heels of Secretary Robert Gates not being able to answer in the affirmative if we are winning in Afghanistan.

george will afghanistan troop pull out

Troops in Afghanistan

July and August have been the costliest in terms of lives lost since the war in Afghanistan began back in 2001. The Secretary of Defense couldn’t answer yes to the question are we winning. And now George Will says pull the troops out. Not sounding too good right now for the home team. From Politico’s story:

“[F]orces should be substantially reduced to serve a comprehensively revised policy: America should do only what can be done from offshore, using intelligence, drones, cruise missiles, airstrikes and small, potent special forces units, concentrating on the porous 1,500-mile border with Pakistan, a nation that actually matters,” Will writes in the column, scheduled for publication later this week.

Honestly George Will’s advice isn’t really that bad, do what can be done from offshore using our vast intelligence community and drones. I miss the good old days of airstrikes (ala Ronald Reagan) and the Special Forces are always an option.

I’m not necessarily advocating a total withdrawal, but after 8 years over there, memories of what happened to the Soviet Union start to creep in. Now comes a huge question. Will George Will recommending a troop pullout split the Republican party, will it split conservatives more than they already are?

Conservatives are beginning to galvanize around the fight with Obamacare, will talk of abandoning Afghanistan severe what progress has been made in that area? George Will is a guy that some conservatives do listen to. Will they listen this time? Will Obama? An Afghanistan troop pullout sounds defeatist, but isn’t it just another strategy?

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