Here is our list of top ten ‘money tips for couples’ in these hard times. Studies show that financial stress is one of the leading causes of marital stress which is especially true when times get tough. The Obama recession has caused all of us to tighten our finances this year which in turn has put stress on a lot of married couples. See our list and watch the video too.

money tips for couples

Money Tips for Couples

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you are free to discuss anything you like. But as our mission statement requires, from time to time we offer public service information to our loyal readers. Please review our money tips for couples during the Obama recession and tell us what you think.

Before we start, you can find a more serious discussion of money tips for married couples here and here and here. Now proceed to our unique list below.

1. Do not buy a Ted Kennedy bobblehead doll. This is a purely speculative investment when your money is safer in other asset classes. Besides, just how much has your Democrat bobblehead collection appreciated recently?

2. Keep your clunker. You are too late so you blew it anyway. The cash for clunkers program was hurriedly canceled when the Obama administration discovered that your tax dollars were mostly subsidizing new cars that were manufactured overseas. So while workers in Michigan were getting laid off, Obama was employing lots of Japanese workers 8,000 miles away. Too slow, Joe.

3. Keep renting, and skip a payment or two. The housing market in this country has gone through the worst year since the Great Depression thanks to ineffective monetary and fiscal stimulus programs by our federal government. If you haven’t bought recently you are already ahead. Try skipping a month’s rent to see if your landlord is paying attention and would dare evict a loyal tenant like you.

4. Stop paying your mortgage. The federal government is subsidizing free-loaders so you might as well join the crowd by letting all the responsible people pay your bills. If you are stuck owning a home just stop paying your mortgage and see what your mortgage broker thinks about the idea. In California there is a moratorium on foreclosures so they can’t even take your home. Ha ha, suckers.

5. Keep your job, or not. This is a really lousy time to ask your boss for a raise. And if you do decide to do the foolish thing, do not admit that you voted for Barack Obama. The boss might just hold you accountable. On the other hand, this is a great time to be unemployed if you like federal handouts, and taxes are going up for employed people.

Why does every list require ten items? Ok fine. Here are the remaining money tips for couples:

6. File for unemployment. Things are so messed up in Washington these days that you just might get away with it. Why not try? And if you are one of the many people legitimately unemployed in the Obama recession, this is a great way to get paid by the rest of us to watch TV at home.

7. Do not buy a health care plan. If you really need a health care plan, avail yourself of the ample free opportunities in your neighborhood. Suck up your pride and go to the free clinic down the street. Or just go to the emergency room with your flu like everyone else. Hint: they have to take you — it’s the law. Donate the money you saved to a special interest group that is fighting against the boondoggle universal health-care plan. The clinic you just visited will have no paid doctors under Obamacare.

8. Go to Las Vegas. Barack Obama may dislike Nevada but hotel rooms and airfare are cheap, cheap, cheap now. If you have a little vacation money left in your dwindling bank account, go to Las Vegas and wish Harry Reid the best of success in his upcoming election.

9. Withdraw your bank deposits. All of the banks are failing under Obama so you might as well take your chances at home. The latest news is that 1,600 banks will fail this year, and get this(!), they will not tell you which ones! Put the money under a mattress and buy a shotgun with enough spare ammunition to handle the neighbors.

10. Don’t eat, drink or smoke, or buy anything. When taxes go up consumption is your enemy. Keep your money under that mattress and use it to pay only the bare minimum necessary to await a new administration in four years.

So there you have it, our money tips for couples in the Obama recession. Please add to this list in the comments, or talk about anything you like.

Money Tips for Couples (Video)