Happy Valentine’s Day to the wonderful bloggers of RightPundits, our visitors, and your families. This has been a nice adventure and I feel like I am growing close to each of our contributors through this blog and our numerous emails and chats.

My Valentine’s Day wish is for little 4-year old Kelly to get well.

MDefl has been with us from the beginning, actually from before the beginning when we first started over at RightLinx. His absence in the last two months has left a gap in our little blog family. I have responded to those who have inquired privately about MDefl that he is very busy with a new job. That is positively true but there is more to the story, which is reprinted below after I begged MDefl for permission.

Allow me to apologize to you for my lack of contribution to your outstanding blog. I am the victim of a business that is growing on the J curve (which is a good thing), while unfortunately I also have a child that is suffering from a serious illness. You may remember that on Wissings site that I had posted that we had experienced problems with my youngest daughter’s health about a year and a half ago.

It brings tears to my eyes remembering how that community responded. People were researching her symptoms for me! She was eventually diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. Unfortunately, her symptoms have re-occured again. God, the tears are flowing as I type this. You have seen the picture of her. Is there anyone more precious? I would rather die than have her suffer in any way. We are working hard for a permanent solution. I would give my life for her to feel well again.

There is more to MDefl’s email about George Bush and the Iraq war, and that is so typically Michael to multi-task. I ignored that part and hugged my sleeping little ones after receiving his email.

Please consider a prayer for Kelly. She is a beautiful little girl who is lucky to have such a wonderful dad.