Was your Gmail not working today? Mine wasn’t either. Gmail’s problems seem to be improving but the status of today’s great Gmail crash is a mystery. Read more below and watch a video.

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Gmail Down: What’s wrong with Gmail?

After a while, I stopped counting the number of Gmail server errors I got today. I suppose that was my own personal “come to Jesus” moment – I am totally dependent on my Gmail. Google’s Gmail outage has caused a “majority” of it’s users to be knocked offline for much of the day in many places. With Gmail down and not working, folks are actually having to communicate with each the old fashioned way.

It’s still not clear what caused the Gmail outage. Google hasn’t really explained why Gmail was down. There were signs of Gmail problems on Monday, but it’s not clear whether they are related to Gmail not working at all today though I suspect they were.

Google Inc. said in a posting on its official Gmail blog that service has been restored to some users and thankfully I am one of them. The company says it expects to have the Gmail problem completely fixed later Tuesday.

The next time there is a Gmail outage, connect with others by Twitter, Instant Messaging, and Facebook. And if worse came to worse and your Gmail is down for a long time, go old school and use the telephone!

Gmail Down: Gmail Outage Video