One of the more moving moments of Ted Kennedy’s funeral events was the eulogy delivered by his son Ted Kennedy, Jr. Read more about it below, see photos, get the transcript or text of Teddy Jr.’s eulogy and watch the video.

Teddy Kennedy Jr.

Teddy Kennedy, Jr.

Ted Kennedy Jr. is the oldest child of Senator Edward Kennedy and his first wife Joan Kennedy. He spoke at his dad, Ted Kennedy’s funeral held today at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica in Boston. The Ted Kennedy Jr. eulogy was emotional, poignant and very personal.

Teddy Kennedy Jr., is a childhood cancer survivor. During his eulogy, he told a particularly sweet story about attempting to sled with his dad’s help on a snow and ice covered hill near their home in D.C. This was shortly after his leg had been amputated and while he was still unaccustomed to his artificial limb. You need to listen to that story.

During Ted Kennedy Jr.’s eulogy, he also said this:

“Although it hasn’t been easy at times to live with this name, I have never been more proud of it than I am today.”

And this of his dad:

“He was not perfect, far from it. But my father believed in redemption and he never surrendered. Never stopped trying to right wrongs, be they the results of his own failings or of ours.”

You can view photos of Ted Kennedy and his widow Victoria Kennedy as well as the video of Teddy Kennedy Jr.’s eulogy below. You can also go here for the complete text or transcript of Ted Kennedy Jr.’s, eulogy at his father, Ted Kennedy’s funeral.

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