John Edwards’ bad girl Amanda Marcotte resigned from the Edwards campaign just a few hours ago. She did it in a typical classless rant which just reinforces why Edwards should have fired her in the first place as we suggested last week.

John Edwards was a coward about the ridiculous hiring of this bigot and his preposterous non-defense last week. Amanda Marcotte was a shameless adolescent in resignation. Nobody in the Edwards campaign is looking good over her hiring or rapid departure.

In her rant tonight, Amanda Marcotte blames everyone but herself. Religious people suck, especially Catholics suck, the right wing is evil, and it must be because she is a woman. That pretty much sums up her intellectual position about being challenged as a bigot.

And challenged she was! Hours after Michelle Malkin slammed Marcotte on the O’Reilly Factor, Marcotte resigned.

Hot Air has the video of Malkin on O’Reilly.

O’Reilly says this is the end of Edwards campaign. That is an overstatement, but an incompetent like Edwards will die a thousand similar deaths in the next year. His campaign was over before it began.

More details below the fold.

Michelle Malkin has this to say on her blog and has a good roundup:

“Of course, it’s all the right wing’s and Catholic activists’ fault (a blame-avoidance strategy I highlighted on The O’Reilly Factor tonight before news of Marcotte’s resignation broke.”

Captain’s Quarters has a really good piece:

It’s hardly a story anymore, as Edwards missed his opportunity to distance himself from Marcotte’s earlier tirades about Christian doctrine such as the conception of Jesus, which she described as the Lord “filling her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit.” Rhetoric like that created a firestorm of criticism about her hiring, and despite Marcotte’s valediction, not all of it came from William Donahue and right-wing bloggers. As I noted last week, Politico quoted a press release from Brian O’Dwyer, the leader of the National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council that called Marcotte a bigot. The Democratic Party organizer also called Edwards’ decision to retain Marcotte “not only wrong morally – it’s stupid politically.”

Patterico is sorry that she quit but he does have this to say about Edwards:

But — assuming that Edwards had something to do with this — I can’t say I’m surprised. I do think the hire calls into question Edwards’s judgment, and I think he realized that. While the lefties tended to defend her personal blogging as separate from her campaign blogging, the fact is that they were intimately related. Marcotte was hired to be a campaign blogger on the strength of her blog writings — and then Edwards turned out to be appalled (or so he claims) by her blog writings. It was enough to make you wonder: what’s going to happen if this guy is President and gets a Supreme Court nomination?