As our recent graduates march off to college in a dismal Obama economy, there is one odd topic on their minds that has nothing to do with academics: swine flu H1N1 pandemic. Colleges are bracing for an H1N1 swine flu pandemic this fall which has already shut down some campuses around the world. Read the story and tell us what you think as a parent or student.

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This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can tell us what you think about anything in the world, but I’m talking about swine flu. Colleges are suppose to be a lot more fun than the economic decay and viral disease that we suffer under Obama’s leadership. Meanwhile the president is still on vacation but will return for a fresh start next week.

There is no stopping the swine flu on college campuses this fall. You could close all the colleges and universities in the country but it will not matter because a pandemic cannot be isolated. The kids will get it at home just the same.

People were careless in the beginning of this disease so it had no chance of containment. Even the president of the United States went to Mexico against advisories in the first two weeks of the breakout. Undoubtedly members of the Obama administration became carriers themselves back in Washington. The President set a terrible example of carelessness but it probably would not have mattered in the final analysis.

Read about the university cases and new worries here and here and here. This will be the worst winter for illnesses of any kind in two generations.

Luckily the swine flu is a mild form of flu. It will make lot of people sick this fall simply because the flu shots last winter did not include the strains. They will later this year, at least in the second flu shot. For this first time in memory there will be two flu shots to contain the H1N1 swine flu, and possibly three.

So consider the swine flu shot this year unless you have reason to think you are allergic. If you’ve already had it this year you will be immune to the strain that infected you already. But other strains will mutate so it is still a good idea. Even Barack Obama, who may have infected himself by going to Mexico against advice, will get a flu shot this year.

So back to swine flu. Colleges have no reason to panic. It is just the flu. There will be a lot more illness this year that will keep people out of class. Will professors be more lenient with absences this semester? Will college administrators make the right calls or panic?

Tell us what you think.

Swine Flu on Colleges (Video)