Well well, who would have suspected that a Michael Jackson still alive story would pop up, so see the amazing Michael Jackson alive video here in which he walks out of the coroner’s van alive and well in a vintage MJ white shirt. Who would have thunk of a second coming after the autopsy, fight over the Michael Jackson estate, and upcoming criminal prosecutions of his physicians who allegedly medicated him?

Michael jackson Alive Sighting

Michael Jackson Alive!

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread, so tell us us about your own Michael Jackson sightings. Surely you have seen the King of Pop part the seas, moonwalk across water, or seen his likeness in toast. Where did you see Michael Jackson alive last? Who else have you seen living from the dead? Meanwhile see the creepy video below of the official sighting below the fold.

The video of Michael Jackson rising from the dead at the coroner’s office is circulating around the web, thanks a lot to celebrity site TMZ which broke this huge news after discovering a video originally posted on Live Leak. Read more here and here and here. Don’t ‘forget to go here.

The conspiracy theorists note breathlessly that the license plate of the coroner’s vehicle in the film matches the one known to have left the Michael Jackson estate. The video, they say, is from a “trustworthy source.” There is a wonderful big-foot quality to the grainy tape as the cameraman’s breathing is heard and the camera shakes while he heroically hurries to get a closer look.

The only disappointment is Michael Jackson did not break into a lively rendition of Billy Jean. If you are going to return from the dead at least give people a show.

So there you have it. Michael Jackson still alive as proven by the new media. Internet 1, old media 0. your thoughts?

Michael Jackson Sighting: Michael Jackson Still Alive (Video)