A British PSA, “Texting While Driving” is causing folks to sit up and take notice of this burgeoning problem here in the United States. The Texting While Driving PSA is graphic and unfortunately all too true. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

texting while driving PSA

Don’t Text and Drive

When I was growing up it seemed the only PSA’s (Public Service Announcement) were the ones about drinking and driving. I can still remember a PSA about a group of high school kids who were in a drunk driving crash on prom night, it never left me. I believe this Texting While Driving PSA out of England will have the same effect on people.

In the video, a group of teenage girls are driving down the road, giggling and having a great time as one girl is shown texting while driving, she veers into the other lane causing a major accident. The video shows plenty of blood, smashing cars, breaking bones, death and it also pulls at your heart strings as a child is left without her parents because of the accident.

The texting while driving video also gives you a sense of what life would be like afterward when you are left to live with your mistake; the girl who was texting of course survives, her friends both die. She is responsible for the death of the little girl’s family.

I suppose there is a fine line when it comes to warning people about the dangers we face today, should PSA’s be graphic? Are they graphic enough? The texting while driving PSA is a stirring reminder of just how vulnerable we are, and that life is fleeting.

Texting While Driving Video