In the latest hair-raising travel news, we can tell you that a plane lands on Highway 101 in Southern California on the morning of August 23rd, 2009. This is probably a great excuse to show an airplane crash video but we will refrain from such indulgences. Instead we have a typical highway landing video to show you since this sort of thing happens more often that you would hope.

plane lands on highway

Plane Lands on Highway!

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A Piper Comache 260 airplane was in route from Temecula, California to Santa Barbara. It didn’t get quite that far, landing at 10:30 in the morning on heavily traveled Highway 101 near Santa Barbara itself. This is one of the most condensed freeways in California, quite unlike the spacious Interstate 5 corridor that traverses the inland route north to south.

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Although the plane collided with three cars (only?) there were luckily no injuries. The pilot radioed that he could not switch fuel lines after one of the tanks was empty. So the plane lands on Highway 101’s southbound lanes. Ouch!

There is no word if the pilot and passenger, a married couple, were attempting to join the 1 mile high club. Something peetered out, that’s for sure.

This video below is of a different “plane lands on highway” story which occurred two years ago. There is no live video footage of the Santa Barbara accident.

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Plane Lands On Highway (Video)