In an ever increasing attempt to undermine the National Security of the United States, Newsweek magazine has spilled the beans on CIA mock executions. My question is, so what? A report by the CIA’s inspector general says that mock executions were used to entice detainees to relinquish information.

cia mock executions staged

Detainees Guantanamo Bay

The left is never really happy are they? Had the CIA actually executed somebody the ACLU and every other human rights group would be involved. What am I saying, they probably will be anyway.

The Newsweek story claims that CIA mock executions, a situation in which a detainee was in one room and a gunshot was fired in the next room to make the prisoner think that one of his compadres had met his fate. Seems like it might actually be a pretty effective way to garner information.

The report also claims that the USS Cole bomber, Abd al Rahim al Nashiri was threatened with a gun and a power drill. (Could’ve been worse, did you ever see “Scarface” and the chainsaw incident?) From the NYDaily News:

The drill was turned on and held near him, said one source, adding, “The purpose was to scare him into giving information up.”

The Bush Administration did however confirm that al Nashiri was one of the lucky detainees to undergo waterboarding. Thank you Newsweek for your continued support of those in harm’s way protecting our freedoms. Your release of a CIA mock execution report proves that.

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