Meet Nora the piano-playing cat who is creating a viral internet sensation on YouTube. See her amazing video below with 20 million views already which outplayed Barack Obama last week. What cool thing can your pet do and why should we care?

Nora Piano Playing Cat

Nora: Piano Playing Cat, YouTube Sensation!

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can discuss the amazing cat, your own silly animals, or anything else you want today. The only requirement is that you are at least mildly interesting.

Nora is so talented that she may be the last employable mammal in our failing Obama economy. Master should consider a gig at the local metro. Showcase Nora the piano-playing cat just like an organ grinder with a monkey. Put a hat out and live like a king on inflationary coins.

You can read about Nora the piano-playing cat in a million places, but notably here and here and here.

We should all be so lucky to have a talented pet in the family. In difficult times of yore we could send our kids to the coal mines. Now the help wanted signs are gone from the fast food restaurants while we weather the economic storm brought on by a childish federal spending reaction to a normal business cycle.

That’s how things work in this Washington and this White House. But your kids and grandchildren will pay the price for political incompetence.

Get a pet. They never tax you, send your jobs overseas, or pacify special interest groups. They are there solely for you.

You may even find that your talented pet, like Nora the piano-playing cat, is more popular than Obama. Now tell us what you think.

Video: Nora, Piano-Playing Cat