The Morris Fire also called the Azusa Fire is burning out of control in the Angeles National Forest above Azusa, California near the communities of Duarte and El Monte. The fire is prompting Los Angeles officials to issue a health warning to area residents about poor air quality conditions because of the smoke. Read more below and see a map of the fire.

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The Morris Fire also called The Azusa Fire

The Morris fire which some call the Azusa fire in Azusa California is burning out of control above the San Gabriel Valley and so far it has included a forced evacuation of campers, the aerial rescue of an 18-member Boy Scout troop and voluntary evacuations at other campgrounds and a nearby mobile home park. The fire was only 10% contained at last check, and the forecast today in Southern California calls for temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and low humidity. The Morris Fire is filling the L.A. Basin with smoke and a “red-flag warning” is in effect through Friday.

This are the days when our firefighters really earn every penny of their salaries, and they are underpaid for what they must go through. The Morris fire or Azusa fire is not contained and before this fire is extinguished, another could easily spring up elsewhere – it’s just that dry in Southern California right now.

The fire could have the worse air quality impact today on residents of Monrovia, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, Baldwin Park, Covina, Duarte, Glendora, and Azusa.

You can follow the Azusa Fire also called the Morris fire above Azusa, California here to see how much acreage has burned on an updated basis and how close firefighters are to getting it fully contained. For updates on local air quality, check out this AQMD map, which is updated hourly.

The Morris Fire is the Azusa Fire, Azusa California Video