Talk of Edward Kennedy’s successor is rampant in Washington and Massachusetts today. The Lion of the Left has signaled to the Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and legislature that his days are numbered and he wants political favors now.

Edward Kennedy successor

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Edward Kennedy’s Successor

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you can talk about Ted Kennedy’s successor or anything else you like today. Ironically, Ted Kennedy’s signature fight has been not just for the underclass in America, but more specifically for universal health-care. He has been a staunch advocate of a single-payer solution for three decades.

And why is this ironic? Because the reality of mortality indicates that he may not be present for the most important vote of his career on his signature legislative agenda. Senator Edward Kennedy’s successor may be the one to cast the deciding vote in a historic roll call vote on the Senate floor. Read about his dilemma here and here and here.

According to Massachusetts succession law, Edward Kennedy’s successor is not appointed immediately by the governor of his state. Unlike most states, the state constitution requires that a special election be held to determine a new senator. So in the typical shenanigans of a Washington politian conducting business as usual in unusual circumstances, he made a naked political pitch to governor Deval Patrick. Said Kennedy’s letter:

“I am now writing to you about an issue that concerns me deeply — the continuity of representation for Massachusetts should a Senate vacancy occur,’’ he says, adding: ‘‘As I look ahead, I am convinced that enabling the governor to fill a Senate vacancy through an interim appointment followed by a special election would best serve the people of our Commonwealth and country should a vacancy occur.”

Would that not be a dagger in the heart of liberals if Ted Kennedy’s ghost is unable to deliver the 60th vote needed to break a filibuster in the U.S. Senate, merely because of state constitutional considerations?

Of course there is one person who never had a successor, and that is Mary Jo Kopechne who a drunken Ted Kennedy left dead in a moonlit river so many years ago. We don’t think her family has much sympathy for the Edward Kennedy succession plan.

Ted Kennedy recognizes the juxtaposed position that his frail body is in today. He wrote the governor asking for an expedited change in the law so that Edward Kennedy’s successor could be named opportunistically to favor his agenda.

That’s how politicians think, but what do our readers think?

Edward Kennedy’s Successor (Video)

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