A Wall Street Journal report says that Senate Democrats plan to shut out public input by splitting the Health Care Bill. Through a parliamentary procedure called “reconciliation”, certain budgetary items could be passed with only a minimum of 51 votes. Other measures would require the filibuster proof majority of 60 votes. Another case of we know better than you so the senate splits the bill just to pass it.

democrats split healthcare bill

Obama goes it alone

It’s no secret that the current recess period for democrats has been a nightmare; President Obama never counted on the public knowing as much as they know and democrats didn’t expect the push back that they have encountered concerning the healthcare bill. Blue Dog democrats have met with particularly harsh resistance in their respective districts and republicans are not on board at all. This is what is prompting a split bill strategy when it comes to healthcare. From the WSJ article:

In recent days, Democratic leaders have concluded they can pack more of their health overhaul plans under this procedure, congressional aides said. They might even be able to include a public insurance plan to compete with private insurers, a key demand of the party’s liberal wing, but that remains uncertain.

What seems clear is that the White House and the democratic leadership don’t care one bit about the public outcry against healthcare reform in its current state. Seeing the outcry against it from constituents all over the country, the senate splits the healthcare bill instead of killing it altogether. Democrats are planning to shut out public input.

The democrats, known for such shenanigans, plan to use a parliamentary maneuver known as “reconciliation”, just to be able to pass a split healthcare bill. Under this procedure, only 51 votes are needed. Under this split healthcare bill, with 51 votes, the democrats could conceivably pass expansion of Medicaid as well as increase taxes to pay for items passed.

One positive in a split healthcare bill, 60 votes would be required to pass some of the more draconian measures such as forcing Americans to have insurance or pay a fine and capping out of pocket expenses.

Although the White House and the democratic leadership continue to blame the GOP, the fact that they are leaning towards a split bill under “reconciliation” tells me that they have a lot of democrats who have wandered off the reservation. Blue Dogs or not.

Dems go it alone

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