Sarah Palin, as required by Alaska state ethics laws, had to report all gifts that she received in 2008 with a value exceeding $250.

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Sarah Palin

The list of gifts she received is quite interesting, to say the least. During her vice presidential run, she received gifts from all over the country. Many of the gifts were just plain bizarre, including:

– a Bible hand-bound in goatskin leather;

– a gun case with “Sarah” embroidered on it;

– a glass elephant;

– a cross-stitched blanket with “The Special Child” embroidered.

Gifts like the above do not have a real monetary value. They were reported by Palin to the state ethics board in an effort to show an abundance of caution, as she has been accused of ethics violations in the past.

Sarah Palin, despite resigning her Governorship, has remained in the national spotlight over the last few months. She no longer holds a public office, and she is not running for anything yet, but her every move seems to be the subject of much discussion and fascination.


Despite blistering ridicule from the press, most polls show she is still a front-runner for the Republican nomination for President in 2012. She is still a beloved figure in many conservative circles, even though liberals mock her as a lightweight who lacks the intellect to be president.

Some of her supporters, however, clearly have some questionable taste when it comes to gifts. Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts.