Meet Jon S. Cardin, a Democrat state politician in Maryland who is under fire for using law enforcement officers to stage a marriage proposal for his lovely bride, Megan Homer. Hear why he did it and tell us what you think. Gratuitous photos of Jon S. Cardin’s girlfriend are included for your perusal.

Jon S. Cardin

Jon S. Cardin

This is a Right Pundits open talk thread where you get to talk what about anything you like assuming you don’t want to talk about this weighty issue. But I’m talking about State Del. Jon S. Cardin of Maryland, the latest sign of out of touch politicians wasting our tax dollars.

The story goes that Jon S. Cardin used Baltimore police officers on August 7th 2009 to offer an elaborate marriage proposal to his fiance. He did it on a boat using on duty officers who staged a pretend raid while a police helicopter hovered menacingly overhead. He tricked her into thinking she was about to be arrested. Cute!

Read about it here and here and here.

The Maryland Democrat legislator has been attached as arrogant and wasteful. They say that he wasted tax dollars on his grandiose wedding party while his constituents worry about their jobs, investments, and futures. As a biography, Jon S. Cardin is 39 years old and now in his second term in the Maryland House of Delegates. He is the frivolous nephew of U.S. Senator Ben Cardin.

What do you think about Jon S. Cardin manifestation of eternal love for Megan Homer? More of her can be seen right here.

Meanwhile you have just got to see the video of a failed marriage proposal below. Watch her ring go up up and away. Hilarious!

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Photos: Megan Homer, Jon S. Cardin

Marriage Proposal (Video)