Barney Frank, the liberal Congressman from Massachusetts, was booed at his health care town hall meeting in Dartmouth, Mass. last night. Frank, however, shouted back at his constituents, showing a total lack of class and dignity.

Barney Frank

Barney Frank

In the most pointed exchange of the night, a woman stood up and compared Obamacare to the totalitarian lack of freedom in Nazi Germany.

Frank responded, “On what planet do you spend most of your time? You stand there with a picture of the president defaced to look like Hitler and compare the effort to increase health care to the Nazis,” Frank said. Numerous people have made this comparison at the town halls.

Frank, who is Jewish, also referred to his ethnic heritage, implying that it was wrong to make a Nazi reference to someone who is Jewish.

As is typical of the town halls, the Congressman was booed, shouted at, and all-in-all humiliated by the angry citizens who came to the town hall to protest the Socialist implications of Obama’s national health care plan.

“Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it,” Frank said at one point to his constituents. Clearly, liberal Obamacare is doomed if this is the attitude of those advocating it.

See video below: