The Obama’s are off to the Vineyard! Barack Obama and his family are spending their summer vacation in exclusive Martha’s Vineyard on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Read more below, see photos and a video.

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The Obamas Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

If you are cursed ‘lucky’ enough to be at Martha’s Vineyard, you can chill out with a frosty “Obamarita” at Sharkey’s Cantina in your T-shirt that says: “Barackin’ the Vineyard.” Why you beg? Because apparently, that trip to London and Paris, the Grand Canyon, and Montana just wasn’t enough summer vacation for the First Family. Forget the economic meltdown and the government-run healthcare plan being crammed down your throat. Obama’s vacation at Blue Heron Farms, Martha’s Vineyard, promises to be the highlight of your summer!

The Obamas Martha’s Vineyard vacation includes a stay at Blue Heron Farm, a lavish $20 million, 28.5 acre compound in the town of Chilmark that rents for $50,000 a week. Chilmark, by the way, was named the most expensive small town in all America by Business Week back in 2007.

The Blue Heron Farm sounds really lovely – of course it should be for $50,000 a week! It has a swimming pool, a small basketball court, horse paddocks, an apple orchard, and even a golf tee for The One to practice that sketchy swing of his. There are four houses to choose from which considering the secret service, aides, and guests sure to be invited, seems about perfect for the extravagant needs of the Obamas.

Blue Heron Farm also has private access to a stretch of Squibnocket Beach — which may keep those ‘Obama topless’, ‘Obama bodysurfing’, and ‘Michelle Obama shorts’ photos to a minimum. Keep your fingers crossed on that one! Oh and a fun fact about Blue Heron Farm? This is strictly business. The owners, registered Republicans, contributed money to Fred Thompson’s and John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaigns.

Frankly, there are no shortage of people who would love a vacation like the Obama’s are preparing to have — rubbing shoulders with the very rich and famous in our country. But going to stable, prosperous, exclusive Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod when so much of the country is suffering high unemployment and financial stress, only serves to emphasize a tone deaf, excessive, and unsympathetic life-style by the Obama Administration. Can you imagine what the benefit of spending brought by the presidential entourage would have on, say, an economically hurting city in Michigan? They have golf courses there too.

But the reality is that the Obamas like a good time… on our dime. They have no plans to go slumming. The Obama’s Vacation at Blue Heron Farm, Martha’s Vineyard, promises to be very lovely and very, very expensive.

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Obama’s Vacation: Blue Heron Farm, Martha’s Vineyard Video

Photos:, Carrie Devorah