Cindy Sheehan, the infamous ‘Peace Mom’ and absolute moral authority on all things war related, is heading to Martha’s Vineyard where the Obamas are vacationing next week. She’s going to protest the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Isn’t it good to know some things in our country haven’t changed? Read more below, see photos and a video.

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Cindy Sheehan Protesting with a few of her ‘Pink’ Friends

Now think about this: what would summer vacation be if Cindy Sheehan wasn’t protesting some president over war and stuff? You’ll remember Cindy protested the Iraq war by relentlessly camping out near President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch during his vacations. Well, a statement from Cindy Sheehan’s blog says she and “other like-minded peace activists” want to remind Barack Obama “the body bags aren’t taking a vacation”. Apparently, Cindy Sheehan’s taking her protest to exclusive Martha’s Vineyard.

Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq in 2004 when terrorists hit the vehicle he was riding in with multiple RPG’s and automatic-weapons fire. He died with 7 other men that day. Cindy Sheehan has every reason to hate war. She also has every reason to be incredibly proud of her son’s service.

When Cindy and her anti-war friends demonstrate next week, she says there are several things to be accomplished with this protest of Obama on Martha’s Vineyard:

“First of all, no good social or economic change will come about with the continuation or escalation of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We simply can’t afford to continue this tragically expensive foreign policy.

Secondly, we as a movement need to continue calling for an immediate end to the occupations even when there is a Democrat in the Oval Office. There is still no Noble Cause no matter how we examine the policies.

Thirdly, the body bags aren’t taking a vacation and as the U.S.-led violence surges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so are the needless deaths on every side.

And, finally, if the right-wing can force the government to drop any kind of public option or government supported health care, then we need to exert the same kind of pressure to force a speedy end to the occupations.”

Clearly, Cindy Sheehan, seeing the success of the grassroots tea parties and Obamacare town halls, is trying to re-engage in the war protests. But the rabid left has definately moved on. Iraq where? Afghanistan what?

Sorry Cindy. Once a media darling – a tragic figure standing up to the evil warmongers – now the only media attention you are likely to draw, is when the locals themselves protest the Barack Obama circus that came to Martha’s Vinyard.

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Cindy Sheehan Protest Photos

Cindy Sheehan Protest Video

Photos:; Carrie Devorah