Last month, the Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, confessed to a love affair with a beautiful woman from Argentina named Maria. Since then, the world media has been searching for the mysterious Maria. Now, South American newspapers have revealed that the woman’s name is Maria Belen Chapur.

Maria Belen Chapur

Maria Belen Chapur

Maria Belen Chapur is a 43 year old woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a mother of two teenage sons. She works in Buenos Aires with an agricultural business.

The below photos of Maria Belen Chapur were first released on the website, where more photos are currently available.

Mark Sanford admitted to his affair with Maria Belen Chapur last month after a bizarre series of events. He first claimed to be hiking somewhere in the remote hills of Appalachia. Then, he revealed, after being unreachable for several days, that he had gone to Buenos Aires to be with his mistress. He had to confess at that point that he was having an affair with “Maria” from Argentina.

So far, Mark Sanford’s wife Jenny Sanford appears to be willing to forgive. She refused to appear at his side during the news conference that Sanford revealed the affair, but she has not divorced him

Judge for yourself. Is the below pictured woman worth sacrificing your marriage? Perhaps these particular shots are unflattering, but I personally believe Jenny Sanford is hotter.

Maria Belen Chapur 2

Maria Belen Chapur 1

maria belen chapur 3