Hurricane Bill
Hurricane Bill

In the next few days, Hurricane Bill is expected to become the first big storm of the hurricane season. Bill has been looming out in the Atlantic for a day or so and currently has around 75 MPH winds, however the winds are expected to reach about 110 MPH, which is true hurricane status. As of now Hurricane Bill is just east of the lesser Antilles but moving northwest at about 22 miles per hour. The current path of the storm would take it over Puerto Rico and over Bermuda.

In the mean time, the Gulf Region is currently dealing with Tropical Storm Claudette. Claudette hit in the Gulf region but quickly lost steam after landfall. However, at least one death has been reported due to the storm.

In general, this is expected to be a more mild storm year:

Despite the storms, a warmer weather pattern called El Nino over the Pacific Ocean is generally expected to damper the formation of tropical storms in the Caribbean and Atlantic this year, said Brian Daly, a meteorologist with the national weather service in Mobile, Ala.

Forecasters revised their Atlantic hurricane season predictions after the first two months of the season passed without any named storms developing.

Just as a quick aside, I love how at the beginning of the year we get these Chicken Little warnings about how bad storms will be and Global Warming is going to cause more and more hurricanes, but then “forecasters” (whoever they are) revised their season predictions after two months of no named storms. The year after Katrina the “experts” forecasted one of the worst years for storms in 50 years, yet it was completely the opposite. It just goes to show that the so-called experts don’t know much about anything. Mother Earth is a fickle lady and she kinda does things however she wants to.

Tracking video of the storm