Robert Novak, conservative journalist and political commentator, has died of cancer. He had a brain tumor. Bob Novak was 78 years old. Read more about him below, see photos and a video.

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Robert Novak Dies

“Always love your country but never trust your government.” Those were the words of Robert Novak, that cantankerous conservative journalist, hard-hitting columnist, and TV talking head. Robert Novak dies today of brain cancer at his home in Washington D.C.

Bob Novak had battled a brain tumor for the last year. Most recently of course, he is known as the reporter who publicly outed the CIA operative and media whore, Valerie Plame. His column was the trigger for an investigation that resulted in the 2007 conviction of the Vice President Dick Cheney’s top aid, Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

But Robert Novak was known for much more. He had been a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times for decades as well as a prominent television commentator on both CNN and Fox. He was a public policy wonk and loved a heated debate on politics. His political columns were marked by his determination to dig out new information, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and Washington secrets to tell us something we most likely didn’t know.

Bob Novak for years carried the nickname of “Prince of Darkness” wearing it as a badge of honor though many of his colleagues have said his reputation was that of a hard-working and even-handed reporter.

We, at Right Pundits, mourn Bob Novak’s passing and send condolences to his family and friends. Godspeed Robert Novak, a hardworking conservative jounalist, dead from brain cancer at the age of 78.

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