During the Bush Administration, leftists in this country mockingly said that Karl Rove was ‘Bush’s Brain’ and that Dick Cheney was really running the country. Now with the Barack Obama regime in place, who really is the power behind the Obama White House? Some suggest it isn’t Barack Obama at all but that it’s Rahm Emanuel, a relentless partisan warrior, and Obama’s Chief of Staff. Read more below, see photos and a video.

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Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff

So what is Rahm Emanuel’s power? The duties of the White House Chief of Staff vary greatly from one administration to another. Their responsibilities include overseeing the actions of the White House staff, managing the president’s schedule, and deciding who is allowed to meet with the president. Historically, this office-holder has been dubbed ‘The Second-Most Powerful Man in Washington.’ As Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel is the highest ranking member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States and a senior aide to The One himself. Many suggest that Rahm Emanuel is really the power behind Obama simply because of his close proximity of the most powerful man in the world. There may be more to it then that.

Many of us remember him from the Clinton White House, scurrying around with Begala, Blumenthal, Carville and Stephanopolus covering the tracks of a morally bankrupt president while dodging blows and ducking for cover from a volatile and power-craven first lady. Rahm Emanuel was scary back then but he’s scarier today. In fact, some talking heads and White House watchers are saying that Rahm Emanuel is the most influential White House Chief of Staff in a generation.

From all accounts, Rahm Emanuel’s power comes from the fact that he is an uber-aggressive, profanity-laced, chicago-style, deal maker who isn’t afraid to push hard to get want he wants. Even Barack Obama said this about Rahm Emanuel on the day he announced him for chief of staff:

“No one I know is better at getting things done than Rahm Emanuel.”

That’s saying something from someone who has set up a Chicago-thugocracy in DC! This confidence may also explain Rahm Emanuel’s power in that he’s the principal author of Barack Obama’s systematic dismantling of our country do-everything-at-once strategy since taking control in January. In fact the style differences between Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are interesting. Senior advisor and king maker David Axelrod says this about them (puke alert):

“The president has a zenlike quality. Rahm is a pile driver.”

Where Obama sees himself as the Wordsmith-in-Chief lulling a stupid sheeple into abject compliance; Rahm Emanuel keeps lists, runs the White House with a tight hand, spends time raising money, mobilizing interest groups and harvests the latest policy ideas from research groups. In the middle of all of this, he has the president’s ear.

Of course with this great power comes consequences. Should The One’s plans to stabilize the economy and financial markets, overhaul the health care system and end Iraq while successfully prosecuting Afghanistan suceed, Rahm Emanuel succeeds. Should they fail, Rahm Emanuel will be expendable – regardless of the Chicago ties. One thing is patently clear: Rahm Emanuel’s power is significant. As chief of staff, he IS the power behind Obama.

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