According to reports we have the obvious: John Edwards to admit paternity of a six-month old child, throwing more salt in the wounds of his stricken wife, Elizabeth Edwards. The affair with Rielle Hunter was exposed by the only newspaper still doing investigative reporting in the country, the National Enquirer.

John Edwards Paternity

John Edwards Paternity: Father of Rielle Hunter’s Baby?

That is right. The National Enquirer blew the cover off of Edwards affair in 2008 and four weeks later reported that he was the baby daddy of Rielle Hunter’s child. The mainstream media ignored the story for the most part, particularly the issue of paternity, because it was a tabloid magazine that broke it. They have editorial standards, don’t you know.

The problem is that the MSM newsrooms do not have a budget anymore. Partly because of liberal bias in the mainstream media, Americans now flock to the internet for their news while bypassing the mainstream press. As a result their subscriptions and advertising have dried up and they have cut all investigative reporting out of their newsroom budgets. Now they just splog each other like an echo chamber and repeat un-vetted the press releases they get from politicians and corporations while pretending to still have gravitas.

The mainstream print press snarks at one of the only newspapers left in American doing real investigative reporting. The National Enquirer is thriving on sales despite having an online news distribution service and despite the shift in the way people prefer their news. They prove that it is not just the internet that is killing the mainstream news media, but it is also liberal bias in the news.

Now back to the news. John Edwards sounds so caring when you hear the quaver in the his voice. He sucked in many uneducated Democrats into his camp with that farm-boy charm. But beneath it all the rest of us could hear a used-car salesman when we heard one. Of course he was boinking a campaign worker while his wife battled cancer. There is something about John that can’t be trusted. Who would deny paternity over a beautiful baby girl?

He finally admitted the sex with his mistress when the National Enquirer (yes, them again) photographed him running out of her hotel room with the baby present. But he wouldn’t admit paternity. He got a friend, Andrew Young, to lie for him who took the entire fall for the Rielle Hunter affair. But it seems that John Edwards was having children in two Americas if the latest report can be trusted.

We learn this week that Rielle Hunter and his family asked him to take a paternity test and he may have secretly taken one. Lo and behold we hear that John Edwards is to admit paternity of his baby daughter, perhaps because he has been once again faced with a smoking gun. Read about it here and here and here.

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