Town Hall protesters have been called everything from Nazi’s to un-American; somehow the left wing has forgotten the numerous protests that greeted every policy decision of George W. Bush. Nancy Pelosi has been one of the worst offenders by claiming town hall protesters were carrying swastika’s to town hall meetings. A Nancy Pelosi town hall 2006 version tells a different story.

Nancy Pelosi town hall 2006

Speaker of the Hypocrites

Back in 2006, not so long ago, Nancy Pelosi held a town hall in her home district of San Francisco with much fanfare. At that time, Pelosi felt that dissent was “patriotic”; now, just a mere 3 years later, dissenters are framed as un-American Nazi’s subverting the democratic process.

The Nancy Pelosi town hall 2006 is the ultimate illustration of left wing hypocrisy. Pelosi wouldn’t know the democratic process if it came up and slapped her in the Botox. Unfortunately for you and me, the MSM insists on perpetrating the lie that Pelosi and her ilk are innocent bystanders in the current healthcare debate.

Rush Limbaugh has been made out to be the perpetrator of the current Nazi sidebar, while Pelosi gets off free and clear. Not here. Pelosi claims that town hall protesters were carrying swastika’s, without proof. The deputy communications director of the White House claims town hall attendees were showing up dressed as Hitler, once again no proof. In the video, Pelosi bashes American foreign policy without a shred of proof, she calls the CIA liars without providing proof. I think you get the idea.

Please Nancy, go back to San Francisco. Hold town halls like you did in 2006, among those who are like you, and have long ago given up their ability to think rationally. When the Speaker of the House insults average Americans because they disagree with her, that’s Nazi like, that’s subverting the democratic process.

It’s amazing how political officials seem to forget that their words are being taped, they are being recorded; no matter where they are. The Nancy Pelosi town hall 2006 edition was a safe place for ole’ Nancy to spout off, but the tapes follow you Nancy, the tapes follow you.

Pelosi the Hypocrite

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