Dyron L. Hart is an African-American man from Mississippi. He admitted today, after being charged in federal court with making threats over the internet, that he posed as a white supremacist to send a death threat through Facebook.

Yes, you read correctly. An African-American man pretended to be a white supremacist and sent death threats to other African Americans.

Hart created a fake Facebook account in November. He pretended to be a white supremacist who wanted to do violence because Barack Obama was elected as the nation’s first African-American president.

He then sent a death threat through the Facebook account to an African-American student at Nicholls State University. He stated that he wanted to kill African-Americans because of Obama’s election.

It’s not known why Dyron Hart did this.

Hart plead guilty in federal court. He used a white supremacist’s photo he found on the internet to pretend to be a white man who planned to kill blacks. He sent the threats from a computer in Mississippi.

Hart is facing a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Personally, I think Obama supporters can learn a lot from this incident. This is what Obama would call a “teachable moment.” Dyron Hart is much like a lot of Obama supporters who come on this site and try to play the race card, when the race card does not exist. Dyron Hart is an extreme example of what happens when liberals turn race into an issue where the issue doesn’t exist. It only hurts other minorities.