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Barack Obama

There is a huge debate brewing in Dallas over whether to rename some of the local public schools to the Barack Obama Middle School and Sonia Sotomayor School. It appears that Ron Price, who is the Superintendent for a south Dallas school system, wants to rename Billy Earl Dade Learning Center to the Barack Obama Middle School. The debate seems to occur, not so much over the fact that they want to name a school after Obama in the first place, but more over the fact that it’s somewhat of a waste of money to rename an already existing school, and the name Billy Earl Dade holds some reverence amongst the residents of South Dallas. How bad do people want to change the name of this school, I’ll let Mr. Price tell you in his own words:

“Overwhelmingly, the parents and the kids said we want Barack Obama and when you see those kids eyes, their eyes just started glowing, and even the parent’s eyes were glowing just for the fact that their kid would one day go to the Barack Obama school,” Price said.

Ugh, yes ugh. The parent’s eyes were “glowing” just over the thought of renaming their school after the President? Give me a break.

I get renaming schools after people who have actually accomplished something. I went to Lincoln Jr. High School, clearly schools named after Washington, Lincoln or some other great president is understandable (where is the Ronald Reagan High School!!). However, I don’t remember many Chester Garfield or Rutherford B Hays Middle Schools. The reason why you don’t see many of those: those guys didn’t do squat. What has Obama done to deserve having schools named after him? He was black and happened to fool enough morons into thinking he wouldn’t actually raise your taxes (feel stupid yet 52%ers?). Welcome to the post-racial America, where merit, not political correctness rule the day. /snark

As for naming schools after Sonia Sotomayor, this seems an even bigger stretch then naming them after Obama. I get Obama to some extent, he is president. Sotomayor isn’t even the first Latino to become a Justice (that would be Justice Cardozo) nor has she even donned the robes and issued a single opinion yet. To honor her in such a way seems awful precipitous. After the Barack Obama Middle School and the Sonia Sotomayor High School maybe we can get the Eric Holder Elementary School or perhaps the Nancy Pelosi School for the Blind.