Governor Mark Sanford’s ethics inquiry is apparently not going as smoothly as the tormented GOP governor had hoped. State Senator David Thomas, a fellow Republican in South Carolina, opened up a new inquiry into the financial shenanigan’s of the South Carolina governor, who is alleged to have visited his mistress abroad on our tax dollars.

Mark Sanford  ethics inquiry

Cheating Politicians

This is an open talk thread where you can talk about what you like, but I’m talking about cheating politicians and the sex. Why would Sanford throw away a promising career on (of all things) a girl when only last year people were promoting him for a presidential run? John Edwards has company.

And you thought that Barack Obama was paddling upstream with a broken oar? How would you like to be in Mark Sanford’s shoes, one moment boinking his exotic erotic mistress in South America, and the next moment facing the realities of cameras and microphones back home. And now we have a second Mark Sanford ethics inquiry in the South Carolina legislature. Read all about it here and here and here.

Michelle Obama only hinted about Barack’s infidelities in a national news magazine last year. In Mark Sanford’s case, everything but his exposed wienie has been presented to a visually-interested public.

Not that you are interested, dear reader, in Mark Sanford’s wiener. Our guess is it looks a lot like Bill Clinton’s, an overused cash-for-clunker on the highway of shame.

Now opening the floor to commenters. You may want to discuss the Sanford ethics inquiry, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, or your own prowess. Why do politicians do it? Discuss your great college conquest, or your fantasy as an internet addict. Today is all about the sex.

Mark Sanford Ethics Inquiry (Video)