Here is more prove that our Congress needs a wake up call with the attitude they are giving us over the non-crisis Health care debate. Congressman Shelia Jackson Lee took a phone call during a town hall meeting right in the middle of constituents’ question.

She represents and demonstrates everything that is wrong with congress today. In their mind they are like royalty and see us as their servants. They have been in Washington long enough that power has sucked all common sense from their brains. They are out of step with America and don’t care what we want.

Sheila Jackson Lee
Shelia Jackson Lee Texas Congressmen is not royalty as in her mind……ring…..ring….ring

Is the caller there?

Democrats have made the same mistake the Republicans made in 1994. They misread the election results and thought they had America’s blessing to pass laws without regard of how we felt or thought about it. They assumed the country had shifted left and now they are scared.

If my Representative took a phone call during a town hall meeting, it would be like having a meeting with your boss and in the middle of the meeting taking a phone call and ignoring the boss. I have a feeling I would be looking for a job very soon after that. Let’s hope all of congress is over the next few election cycles.