In Detroit, police chased a stolen pickup truck into a business district, where the truck collided into a minivan. The truck then went out of control, and hit a utility pole and burst into flames. The driver of the truck, the suspected thief, was killed instantly.

Two other men were injured in the crash. Several news outlets were showing the police chase live when the crash occurred. The video shows a minivan striking the truck as it turned into an intersection. The truck flipped over and hit another truck and a utility pole. The truck exploded, creating a fireball in the street.

The explosion was witnessed by many passersby.

Police stated that the truck was stolen in Taylor, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Detroit is an extremely dangerous city, perennially ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Car-jackings, gang violence and thefts are so common that the police often feel overwhelmed and outnumbered. Unfortunately, as the Obama-run car industry continues to cut thousands of jobs, the city is only going to get worse. Detroit will have to remodel itself as the American car industry flounders under government Socialist policy.

Well today, there is one less car-thief in Detroit. Unfortunately, there are many thousands of others.

Please see the video below: