Here is a side be side comparison of two interesting men in the news. In Exhibit A we have the now famous giant Florida jumping fish which have been terrorizing the everglades with their monstrous scaly presence every year since 2005. In Exhibit B we have none other than the President of the United States who began campaigning for the White House in 2005.

Florida Jumping SturgeonBarack Obama hot or not
(Blow-up for careful comparison)

Hot or Not: Giant Florida Jumping Fish or Barack Obama? (Reader Poll)

We ask our readers, who is hot and which is not? Best answer will earn a coveted RightPunditeer award. This is an open talk thread in which you can talk about anything you like, but I am specifically asking you to compare the magnificent fish and our brilliant president. You be the judge.

Giant Florida jumping fish have a lot going for them. You can read all about their dreadful escapades which occur annually here and here and here, on the Suwannee River and elsewhere in Florida where they are terrorizing the electorate. The have returned for their annual destruction in 2009 once again.

Two years ago, one of the beasts broke the leg of a defenseless and uninsured 6 year old girl who was fleeing from it’s jaws. The giant sturgeon are up to eight feet and can weigh as much as 250 pounds. What’s worse is that sturgeon are on the endangered list so you can’t shout back at them like a town hall meeting.

And then of course we have Barack Obama, our fearless president who boldly goes to town hall meetings in the face of unfair opposition to his health care plan that would insure the poor girl in Florida. We can shout back at him but who would want to endanger the feelings of our chief executive?

Hot or not? Giant Florida jumping fish or president? The answer is obvious. Yes we can, can’t we?