Georgia Democrat Congressman staffers arrived at work on Tuesday to find their office sign vandalized. U.S. Congressman David Scott’s office sign was painted with a swastika outside his district office in Smyrna, Georgia.

You may recall that Queen Nan Pelosi accused those that are opposed to having health care reform rammed down our throats and attending town hall meetings of carrying swastikas and symbols to the meetings. Watch the video below of her saying it and watch as her faces changes to a sourpuss expression when asked about the protest.

david scott 1
Georgia U.S. Congressman David Scott

While I think that whoever vandalized Congressman Scott’s office sign with a swastika should be punished according to the law, but caution should be applied to more name calling by both sides. Unless someone has proof the vandal is a na*I, conservative, right-wing, American hater, change and Obama hater let’s not accuse anyone.

Whoever it is, acted out of rage and reaction to the name calling by the left. From Obama to the media, we on the right have been called names we had to look up the meaning of. All simply because we are exercising our right of free speech. And it should be noted that not all the anger people asking questions are on the right. There are plenty on the left that don’t want this health care reform and are also exercising their rights.

Queen Nan talks about swastikas

The sign is located in the back of the building where there are no security cameras. At this time law enforcement has not leads in the case.

Atlanta local CBS affiliate report

What will the reaction be if it turns out this was done by a staffer to create more discord in the unwanted debate over health care. My money is on a staffer having done this. I’m not accusing anyone. I’m just asking what if this is an inside job.

This is one time I truly hope I am wrong and that the parties responsible for defacing Congressman David Scott office sign with a swastika have no ties to any political group. Regardless of who did this, they obviously have a very small mind full of hate.