Arnold Schwarzenegger gave an impassioned statement about the passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver on August 11th 2009. About the sister of JFK and Ted, Schwarzenegger said Shriver ‘changed my life.’ He and others gave statements about her life and legacy, which helps us remember the influence of the Kennedy politicians and family members. See her photos and video, and read what the governor of California has to say.

Eunice  Kennedy Shriver

Schwarzenegger Tribute to Eunice Kennedy Shriver

This is an open talk thread in which you can discuss anything you like, but I’m talking about the Kennedy legacy. Love them or hate them, the Kennedy clan has been one of the most influential political families in United States history. Now with Ted on the ropes and the older generation dropping like flies, we have a new generation of Kennedy’s to consider. And yet they are all underachievers, causing one to suspect that old money softens our natural drive to succeed.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver herself passed away at the age of 88 years old in Hyannis, Massachusetts. She died in the company of her entire family: her husband Sargent Shriver, all 5 children, and all 19 grandchildren. No question the Kennedy clan is family-oriented, at least for their own. Ever wonder why despite each husbands’ famous philandering, the wives always stick by their man?

You can read about Schwarzenegger’s tribute here. He said that Eunice Kennedy Shriver ‘changed my life’ and called her the ‘light of my family.’ He is, of course, married to Maria Shriver who is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama in a fit of un-specificity called Shriver an ‘extraordinary woman’ who meant ‘many things to many people.’ Read about that here. More on a good Eunice Kennedy Shriver biography can be found by reading this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entire touching statement:

“Eunice was the light of our family. She meant so much, not only to us, but to our country and to the world. She was a pioneer who worked tirelessly for social and scientific advances that have changed the lives of millions of developmentally disabled people all over the world. Inspired by her faith in God and her love of her sister, Rosemary, she was on a life-long mission to expand opportunities for those with intellectual challenges and to prove that they are capable of great achievements. Apart from her family, her greatest legacy is the Special Olympics, which started as a summer camp in her backyard in 1962, and has grown into a global movement and organization that has transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Eunice was the devoted mother of five children, including my dear wife, Maria. My mother-in-law changed my life by raising such a fantastic daughter, and by putting me on the path to service, starting with drafting me as a coach for the Special Olympics. I will miss her every day, but I know her spirit endures through her amazing children and grandchildren, and through the many lives she changed.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Eunice Kennedy Shriver
August 11th, 2009

Eunice Kennedy ShriverEunice Kennedy ShriverEunice  Kennedy Shriver