The Obama baby boom prediction is just another let down for Obama supporters; as folks looked on last November with nothing but hope and change in their hearts, they chose to spend that night doing something else besides making little Obama supporters.

obama baby boom

Too Much for the Mind’s Eye

Never mind the absurdity of such a claim, an Obama baby boom was a genuine hope for left wing loons everywhere. These would have been babies worthy of protecting in the womb; surely a man and woman who were so thrilled at the upcoming Obama presidency would certainly have conceived a child that would grow up to be a faithful socialist.

MSNBC is just disappointed as can be about the failed Obama baby boom, now they have to work even harder to win converts to Obama mania. How much easier it would have been to have them pre-programmed for Obamaism.

The great liberal minds of our time (what an oxymoron) predicted an Obama baby boom just after the election of the Nation’s first black president. Seeing all of the hope and change and crying and carrying on in Chicago what else were they to think?

The Daily News gives a few excuses as to why it didn’t happen; could it be that Obama ardor was fleeting? Maybe the mental picture of Obama and Michelle quelled the passions of all of those happy liberals in the weeks after the election. Just a thought.

Unfortunately for the moonbats, Obama just couldn’t compare with coming home from World War II. The Obama baby boom prediction is dead; perhaps a Sarah Palin baby boom in 2012? That’s one I could get on board with.

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