Dingell Obama
Grand Kleagle Dingle

Okay, my Democrat meme detector is going up, I smell an orchestrated campaign; if you don’t support health-care reform YOU’RE A RACIST! It was bad enough when Stoyer and Pelosi called us “un-American”, but to now liken us to the Ku Klux Klan is just going too far. However, that is exactly what Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) stated. He says that the last time he saw anything like this was during the 1960s when he voted in favor of the Civil Rights Bill (dude, you have been in politics way way way to long) and the Klan was causing a furor. Let’s go to the tape:

Town-Hall Protesters are like the Klan

Sen. Byrd was unavailable for comment.

If this was an isolated incident, eh, I could probably write it off as an old cook who has been leaching off his public position for way too long. However, this exact same thing has been suggested by other Democrat strategists this week, suggesting that Socialism is just codeword for the “N” word. Is this the message the Democrats really want to get out as the popularity of the President and his health-care program keep going down? Do they really want to call all those who disagree with them (a number rising every day) Klan members? This is just beyond the pale, but not really unexpected.