As we reported here, the town halls on health care have become battle royales with conservatives taking their message directly to the politicians. Arlen Specter became the latest Democrat to face angry conservatives at his health care town hall.

arlen specter 1
Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter faced boos and angry shouting from conservatives who oppose national health care. Specter perhaps expected better treatment from conservatives, considering he was a Republican for his entire decades-long career until he switched over to the Democratic Party earlier this year.

Two men ended up pushing each other as the argument became very heated..

Politicians are touring their home states during the fall recess in order to promote Obama’s health care plan. Conservatives vehemently oppose the plan, citing skyrocketing deficits and the lack of quality care in a government-run system.

As of now, most polls show that a majority of Americans oppose Obama’s health care plan. Obama seems to facing the biggest political obstacle of his presidency. If he fails to pass health care reform, he will be seen as having failed in his biggest domestic policy agenda.

Obama will be holding his own town hall on health care in Portsmouth, New Hampshire later today. Expect fireworks!

You can see two videos on the town hall below: