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Ashely Greene

Eh, here we go again, what is it with celebrities taking their clothes off and then acting outraged when those pictures appear on the net. Just a word of advice, if you take pictures of yourself, no matter where, with whom or when, those pictures will find their way to the Internet. If you don’t want to be embarrassed, just don’t take such pictures of yourself. Last week Vanessa Hudgens hit the net (again) and this week alleged pictures of Ashley Greene, star of the smash vampire movie Twilight are the latest scandal.

The speculation is that Ashley probably took the pictures on her phone for her boyfriend (ala Hudgens), but Greene’s lawyers are doing their best to keep these pictures out of the public domain. Assuming they are real rather than photo-shopped as Perez Hilton was wondering.

Once again I must point out the futility of doing so, once the pictures are on the Internet, you’re done. They have already made their way to bit torrent sites and 4chan, so you can’t stop it. The best thing to do is just get out in front of it by setting the record straight if they aren’t real or putting the images in context. Tell people your side of the story, tell them it’s a violation of your privacy, and then milk all the fame and fortune you can out of it like Kim Kardashian. Like with all celebrity photo leaks, I always wonder if these are really accidental or just a way to make news. I mean, outside of the 13 year old vampire fans, has anyone heard of Ashley Greene before? What is she working on now (besides some Twilight sequel I presume). This is sure a good way to make her relevant and make sure people know her name. So, I’m suspicious at the very least.

Are there any girls left anywhere who don’t take pictures for their boyfriends on their cell phones? I know this for sure, my 3 daughters will never have a cell phone (yeah right). Oh well, good look Ms. Greene.

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