This is Mary Robinson. She was the first female President of the Irish Republic and has been tapped by Barack Obama to receive our nation’s highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Many are not pleased including me. Read more below, see photos and a video.

Mary Robinson

Obama Medal of Freedom: Mary Robinson

John Wayne. Norman Rockwell. Vaclav Havel. These are just a few of the notable people who received our country’s highest civilian honor. Now, Barack Obama is giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, U.N. Commissioner, former president of Ireland, and Columbia University professor. Did you know that Mary Robinson is also an appeaser of dictatorships, rationalizes terrorism and bashes America? Yes well, if nothing else, she certainly fits in to Barack Obama’s circle of friends!

You might remember Obama’s Medal of Freedom recipient, Mary Robinson, from her co-chairing — with well-known former terrorist supporter and friend-of-Obama Rashid Khalidi — that infamous 2001 Durban I Conference: a conference on racial discrimination that simply became an international Israel-bashing event. She had the hubris to declare that failed conference, in which both Israel and the U.S. boycotted, a smashing success.

While president of Ireland, Mary Robinson demonstrated her hatred for Israel by happily providing millions of dollars of support to the PLO, which were used in terror attacks.

And of course, who could ignore her chronic criticizing of U.S. foreign policy throughout her career. Since 9/11, she has blasted the United States for losing the ‘moral high ground.’ This of course while she focuses on trying to win the ‘minds and hearts’ of unrepentant terrorists instead of the great problems world-wide democracies face in fighting terror. She is, to the far-left’s delight, quintessentially a grand Bush-hater.

Frankly, there are no words to describe how horrible a selection this is. But I expect nothing less of the Obama administration. And as if we needed any more proof, it speaks volumes about where The iOne’s sympathies lie as on August 12th, he gives the ‘Obama Medal of Freedom’ to Mary Robinson.

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