Continuing with the theme of big government gone astray, I’d like to point out Blue Dog democrat Heath Shuler, who is a fairly conservative member of the democratic caucus; and despite opposing the House bill on healthcare has decided not to hold town hall meetings in person.

heath shuler town hall

Rep. Heath Shuler

This is a fairly personal post for me considering Congressman Heath Shuler is my “representative” from the 11th district of North Carolina. After being inspired by the patriotism of other Americans throughout the country, I began to look into when and where Rep. Shuler would hold a healthcare town hall. I was disappointed to find out he would be “phoning it in”.

Heath Shuler will be holding I believe two telephone town halls on the healthcare issue. This is definitely disappointing considering the seriousness of this issue. As Americans have started to voice their opinions against the issue, the Obama Administration has started fighting back, and democrats all over are cancelling their town hall meetings including Rep. Heath Shuler.

Most of the dems site the threat of violence or disruption as their reason for “phoning it in” or cancelling all together. Unfortunately some of the town halls did get violent, but the culprits are the union thugs and Obama moonbats. I found a piece written at the Daily Kos by someone in Rep. Heath Shuler’s district in which he too is mad about Shuler not holding town halls; except his frustration is because he won’t be able to “confront the nutters”. The left is looking for trouble; we just want to stop this abomination from going through. Daily Kos:

That’s right, I said “again.” I had called Shuler’s office a couple of days ago, outraged at the wingnut hootenannnies that I’d seen on t.v. I was clicking around the internet, trying to figure out where Shuler was going to have a public meeting. I was angry. I wanted to confront some of these nutters.

I’m a Conservative first, a Republican second and I’ll admit that Rep. Heath Shuler wasn’t my choice for congress. But he hasn’t been too terribly bad; at times he has voted with Pelosi, other times he has voted against the Administration. Heath Shuler needs to know however that his constituents want to see him, we want to voice our opinions on healthcare; pro or con.

Heath Shuler’s Office