Hello gang. Welcome to our new commenters and to Frank who will be incorporated his fantastic data and poll analysis into our content. Frank’s first set of data is here.

We’ve been experimenting with open threads the past week, something we call “Open Talk.” In open talk threads, which are always clearly labeled in the title just like this one, you can talk about anything you like, just like Rush Limbaugh’s Friday show. They will usually incorporate a topic of interest to some people, at the rate of one per day. They are not everybody’s cup of tea but I’m enjoying them immensely and they will continue.

Starting tomorrow, the open threads will begin scrolling like every other post rather than stick to the top all of the time. However, you can find them by using the convenient links at the top of both sidebars or scrolling down the page a bit.

By popular demand we have made other changes as well on our flagship Right Pundits site. You should no longer see pop-under ads and you should hear very few if any talking advertisements. Those are clearly annoying to most of us.

We have also expanded the comment paging to 25 per page and added the “view all comments” option on the homepage. Meanwhile we are incorporating new data in the sidebars, with help from Frank.

Keep the suggestions coming because you are helping us improve the site.

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