An eight year old girl wanted to go to Disneyland she had a good idea; open a lemonade stand. The California lemonade stand was shut down. The reason? No business permit. I kid you not.

california lemonade stand shut down


Daniela Earnest thought selling lemonade might just be the ticket to get her to Disneyland. Her father, trying to instill in her work ethic and a lesson about earning your way, suggested to her that she sell lemonade to earn the money for Disneyland passes. The city of Tulare thought different. The California lemonade stand shut down without permit.

The Tulare city council says that the location of Daniela’s lemonade stand was too dangerous. They say if she had opened the stand in her yard there would have been no problems. Unfortunately for Daniela there isn’t as much traffic in her neighborhood.

A Tulare code enforcer, happened to be at the same intersection that Daniela and her mother set the lemonade stand up at. He told her that her stand was in a dangerous area and that she needed a permit to sell lemonade. How ridiculous; I understand the safety part, but a permit?

Fortunately for Daniela, after taking her case to the Tulare City Council and getting nowhere, a local radio station managed four passes to Disneyland. I hope for Daniela’s sake this will in no way hinder the little entrepreneur in her.

California Lemonade Stand