Obama Presidency “failed experiment”? That’s what Michael Steele and the GOP are claiming in a new web ad that has just been released. The RNC and the DNC are now in what appears to be open warfare as the healthcare debate rages. The DNC released an ad attacking those who attended town halls as “angry mobs”, this new RNC ad is their rebuttal.

Obama Presidency Failed Experiment

President Obama

The ad depicts the Obama Presidency as an experiment that has now failed, quite an accusation but one that I am inclined to agree with. The $787 billion dollar stimulus that isn’t really a stimulus is an utter failure, the government takeover of GM and Chrysler is a travesty. Cap and Trade is a tax increase in disguise. The current healthcare bill is the apparent attempt at transforming America as we know it.

The really bad thing is that we still have over three years of the Obama experiment left. With any luck, 2010 could be a year to take back congress or at least make strides towards that goal. Obama could then be slowed down. Right now, the only thing slowing down the Obama experiment is you and me.

The RNC ad says that the Obama Administration is in denial about the economy. He stated just recently that they had “rescued” the economy. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but the economy is still in deep trouble; and every policy put forth by the Obama experiment only worsens it.

I’m glad to see Michael Steele and the RNC fighting back for once, the new GOP ad is very effective. The Obama Presidency is a failed experiment; I only hope the country sees it before the lab is destroyed in the process of the experiment.

Obama Experiment AD

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