Town hall protests are all the rage right now, as members of congress dare to enter their districts and hold meetings discussing healthcare, concerned citizens are coming out in droves to voice their opinions. Now the real debate begins; no not the debate over Obama’s ridiculous healthcare bill, but the debate as to whether or not the town hall protests are real or staged as the DNC claims.

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Gibbs Doesn’t Believe They’re Genuine Either

Okay, for me there is no debate about the town hall protests. They’re genuinely concerned Americans who are not willing to sit by and allow socialist policies to continue to be implemented. They don’t want to see their healthcare system destroyed.

Liberals on the other hand have taken up the notion that there is a vast right wing conspiracy behind the town hall protests that have taken place so far; and they will use the same argument for any that take place in the future. That to me is just the dems simple mindedly explaining away opposition to what they are doing. After all, who in their right mind could be against any of their brilliant policies?

We have seen some pretty interesting town hall protests thus far; Rep. Tim Bishop met with a particularly engaged crowd in New York, Arlen Specter and Kathleen Sebelius got an earful in Philadelphia, Steve Kagen in Wisconsin, Steve Driehous in Ohio, Lloyd Doggett in Texas and others have had their precious town hall agenda’s “disrupted” by what the left is calling “angry mobs”.

For the left-wing to settle on a simplistic view of the town hall protests by calling them “angry mobs” is well, simplistic. Sure it’s possible that there are some wacko’s here and there just looking for trouble, but if you watch the clips of these events you’ll see that the vast majority of those who attend are respectful, courteous enough to allow the congressman or woman to speak, and care enough to actually engage the Rep’s on the issue. They’re not just there holding a sign or a banner.

The DNC launched an ad that should make every American who cares enough about an issue to voice their opinions mad as hell. The DNC has labeled the town hall protestors as an “angry mob”. Barbara Boxer says that the protestors are too well dressed to be genuine, Nancy Pelosi says they’re carrying swastika’s (I don’t know what town hall she was at), CBS asks the question “who’s behind the town hall protests”? Dick Durbin says it’s the insurance companies that are to blame. It’s simply impossible for the liberals to believe let alone understand that people have just had enough.

I hope the town hall protests continue. I’ve watched several clips and am left with a overwhelming sense of pride and admiration for the average ordinary Americans voicing their opinions. I was particularly inspired by the Tim Bishop town hall protest. Unfortunately for Obama and the left, they just don’t get it. They probably never will.

Barbara Boxer “Diversion”

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