The recent Beer Summit held by Barack Obama and his sidekick Joe Biden was so successful that rumor has it there will be more diplomacy through beer in the coming days, weeks and years. Read about it below and see the MUST SEE video.

Obama beer change the world

Obama Solves Conflicts

Nothing but good came from the recent beer summit held by Barack Obama. As we all know, the beer summit was held in one of the White House gardens in order to bring together one of Barack’s friends and a police officer who had arrested said friend. The Beer Summit was advertised as a method through which Obama would bring the two men together and deal with the issue of racial profiling by police officers throughout the world. Never mind that the arrest of Barack’s close friend had nothing to do with racial profiling and that the only racial issue related to the arrest was on the part of Obama’s buddy.

The bottom line is, that it was a teaching moment. An opportunity for Barack to show the world that he could bring hope and change in the world through beer. It gave Obama the chance to show off his diplomacy skills through beer. Plus, there were some great photo-op moments to be had.

Being part of the Effete EliteTM class, the President drinks LITE beer :sigh:. One can only assume he chose beer rather than imported French wine as a nod to the working class policeman who was the subject of the Beer Summit.

As you can see from the MUST SEE video below, these Beer Summits are gathering steam and beginning to be used for other diplomatic efforts by this White House. Really, you MUST SEE the video. I mean it. Thanks to Kat for turning us on to it.

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Obama Solves Conflicts, More Beer Summits – Video