Deep in the Siberian Region of Tuva, Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, bare-chested and all rode horses, went swimming, went fishing and took part in all sorts of manly activities. Putin who is nearly 57 has now put himself in a good position as possibly the manliest of all world leaders.

vladimir putin bare chest vs barack Obama barechest

Putin Not Bare-Chested

Previously the distinction would have went hands down to W. What with him always traipsing down to Crawford and hauling brush and sweating like he did. But Bush never went without a shirt; he let you see him sweat. From the Times Online:

Mr Putin, who will be 57 in October, showed off a set of rippling arm muscles as he demonstrated his butterfly swimming technique in another picture, his face a study in concentration as he cut through the refreshingly brisk waters of a local lake.

Well, the rest of the world can have Vladimir Putin bare-chested, I’ll take Barack Obama bare-chested any day. Obama showed impressive man boobs when his picture was snapped during a vacation in Hawaii. According to some, women could hardly contain themselves. The media went nuts.

I myself am beginning to form man boobs and I would like an American (if you’re not a birther) leader who I can look up to. Obama bare-chested gives me hope, it fills me with optimism; Vladimir Putin bare-chested makes me just want to give up, for a few reasons.
The First reason, Vladimir Putin bare-chested in Siberia compared to Obama bare-chested at the beach. Who’s tougher? We’ve all been to the beach, very few of us have been to Siberia, let alone bare-chested.

Second Reason, as much as I hate to admit it, Vladimir Putin bare-chested is fairly buff for a 57 year old man. Obama bare-chested, well he needs to work on it a little.
So there you have it, Vladimir Putin bare-chested vs. Barack Obama bare-chested. Sure Putin looks like he’s in better shape and could bash heads if he needed to, but I’m sticking with Obama; I want to be patriotic on this one. Logic be damned.

Putin Bare-Chested Obama bare-chested

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