President Obama may just be what the GOP has been looking for. Obama’s Agenda could spell victory for GOP without much effort. The American people are waking up with a dozy of an Obama-hangover. Even the Obama White House can’t keep up with the ever changin talking points from day to day.

Angry citizens are finally letting these nitwits know we are watching and paying attention by attending townhall meetings and informing our elected nitwits of the facts. This week-ends dog and pony show with Senator Arlen Specter and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is evident that people are angry about the congress takeover of health care. When asked about items in the bill neither one could answer the question without the crowd booing. Specter knows his days are numbered. When you get booed in a blue state liked Pennsylvania where the union is alive, strong and well, you may want to spruce up your resume. New York Senator Chucky Schumer said health care is going to be rammed down our throat whether we want it or not. Senator you work for us and you need to listen to us.

The whole nitwit gang in the Congress, from Prince Reid, Queen Pelosi all the way down the gutless Republicans that wants to offer a compromise plan are all scared of losing their job. Note to Republicans, if you play along with the health care bill, your sit will be taken. The best change in America would be to get rid of every member and start over. We the people are sick and tired of your self-proclaimed American Royalty title and not listening to us. When 72% of people are satisfied with their current plan, we do not have a crisis.

The crisis of global warming (Al Gore’s get rich scheme for you duped tree huggers and dirt people) and health care (Obama’s movement towards America becoming a socialist nation under Obama) are no more a crisis then Aids. More people die from the flu.

Obamacare 5
President Dr. Barry Obama

Remember when Obama said repeatedly during his four year campaign for president that if you make less than $250,000 dollars there would be no tax increase? Well read my lips, “No more lies Barry.” We are sick and tired of seeing your face on T.V. everyday. My part of the stimulus was a $7.56 reduction in my payroll taxes. This weekend while saying the recession was over, Lenny Summers, Barry’s economic brainiac said tax increases are coming. Then someone else in the Obama House said taxes are only on the table.

Hey Lenny, we have less revenue coming in to the treasury because we are spending more then we take in. How do you raise taxes on people if they are out of work or out of business? They are doing what Barry said he would do. Reaganomics in reverse.

Not since 1932 have we since our coffers this empty. Yet on a given day we are told the recession is over. Then the next day we are told will next year before it is over.

“Cars for Clunkers” is a pilot program for things to come. Let’s get this right. The government is paying up to 3 billion dollar to itself just to get cars it doesn’t like off the street and out of the used car market. How many long term jobs will that create? In fact people are losing their jobs because the used car market is shrinking. Soon they will make us pay a ‘Pollution Tax” if our vehicles gas milage is below a sliding standard. And like sheep lead to slaughter, we will complain and pay.

Next will be Cash for Grannies, Cash for handicaps, Cash for diabetics, Cash for Special Needs people. I am not trying to insult anyone, but I would fully expect this to be part of ObamaCare.

Unemployment is at a 30 year high. Here in Tennessee in some counties it is 18%. Overall in the state is it 15%. For the last 25 years it has been around 3-4%. June saw another loss of 125,000 jobs. We have lost over a half million jobs since ‘The One’ took his throne of Change and Hope.

Races for governor and congress are polling towards the GOP all across American. If the GOP will be conservatives and pledge to stop the spending and make President Bush’s tax they can win some seats in the next 2 cycles. It would be easier to take the Senate back.

Our country can not afford any more “fundamental change” as Barry put it 5 days before the election. He told us what he was going to do. Please Mr Obama keep up the great work. We need you. His agenda could spell victory for the GOP.