Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

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Today, August 4, is Barack Obama’s birthday. He turned 48 today.

Believe it or not, there is now a website called www.happybirthdayobama.com, in which you can send the President a personalized Happy Birthday message. Needless to say, the birthers will be going on that site in droves and sending “tell us you real birthday” messages.

As for me, I believe everyone has a right to celebrate his birthday without being hassled. So for one day (and only one day), I will refrain from criticizing our President for his insanely socialist policies that are driving this nation into a sad hellhole.

I will not point out that his approval ratings have dropped to historically low levels for a President just six months into office. I will not point out that only Bill Clinton had a lower approval rating at this point as President.

I will also not point out that even the most optimistic economic forecasts show that we are stuck in a rut that will last for years. I will not point out that at this point his health care plan is DOA, and has virtually no support among the American people.

I will not point out that the Afghanistan war is looking like a quagmire as bad as Iraq that will last beyond his first term.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

See video about Obama’s birthday below: