Did you know that a cat commutes by bus in England? See the video and read the odd story of Casper the cat, 12-years old, a resident of Plymouth in jolly old England, who commutes by bus to nowhere everyday.

Cat commutes by bus

Casper the Cat Commutes by Bus, and So Might You

The cat’s daily routine involves trotting from his master’s home to a bus stop and hopping on the arriving bus after waiting in line like any other passenger. Casper gets off here and there, like in the shopping district, the sports stadium, the park, and wherever his blissful self desires. He can go anywhere free except to a job. Read the story here and here and here.

Superficially, of course, Casper the Cat has nothing to do with Obama. But taken as an allegory, the story provides a powerful example of what is wrong with the direction our country is taking today.

It is not necessary to spell it out for our educated readers, but for the rest of you, the brightly colored bus with a dismal interior clearly represents British socialism, paid for by taxpayers, and ridden for free by the cat. If you have not paid attention to the political repercussions of national healthcare in Casper’s England, their socialist labor policies, and their high taxes and wealth redistribution programs, then you do not know why the Labour party is getting thoroughly routed in recent British elections. The conservatives are triumphant again in England, although it will be difficult to unravel the damage, just as it is difficult to stop a moving bus.

The cat, quite naturally, represents the American electorate. They and the cat welcome big government programs like pork-barrel laden mass transit projects. Our finicky electorate chooses the free ride over sound markets which distribute goods and services to those who most deserve them. We, like the cat who commutes by bus an estimated 20,000 free-loading miles, gladly accepts the free rides offered by leftist policies. And we embrace the allure of “tax the rich” to fund a utopian vision of how we should all ride to work.

But after all the promises, and after all the taxes, and after all the free health-care and transportation programs, we get off the bus, and just like the cat, we find there is no job for us at that bus stop. We appreciate the free ride, but we know now that we could have done better on our own.

So next time you read that a cat commutes by bus, remember that a free ride is a wonderful thing, except for the consequences of all the pain that it caused.

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Casper the catCasper the cat busCat commutes by bus

Casper the Cat Commutes by Bus (Video)