Here we are talking about the government taking over the health care system, and they can’t even run the postal system adequately. News of a 7 Billion Dollar deficit has led to talk of several Post Office Closings. Postal Regulator Commission to offer a list of these potential closings. Read more, see photos and a video below.

United States Postal Service Truck

How is it that people continue to have faith in the government’s ability to run anything. The line at the post office should give you some idea how the line at the government hospital might look like. Can you imagine? How about they give you a number like at the DMV? Oh, I shiver to think.

The U.S. Postal Service is having trouble despite the 2 cent raise in postage this spring. Part of the problem might be those plasma flat screens in the post office that serve absolutely no purpose other than to waste tax payers money.

I just cannot believe we are even having a conversation about the government running anything. Go here for more information on Post Office Closings. Postal Regulator Commission.